Pre-research project from The Regional Research Council of Norway

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

We are extremely grateful for being acknowledged as a company with valuable research projects and the funding will enable us to qualify for a full research projects late 2019.

The Research Council works to enhance the quality of Norwegian research and to promote innovation and sustainability. The regional funds were introduced as part of a political reform to transfer power from national to regional authorities.

Altered Power AS is developing HYRE, a portable solution for generating, storing and delivering energy when you are off-grid. At the heart of the technology is the HYRE power distribution system, a resonant inductive power transfer system. Today low and medium wireless power transfer are mainly used for charging phones. The HYRE storage is a bi-directional wireless power transfer device, it is not only charging mobile wireless, but it facilitates direct powering functionality. Direct powering deliver energy to devices for light, sound, heat, communication or other needs, not via another battery within the device. Altered Power is partnering with manufacturers of electronic devices to enable them to use HYRE energy distribution technology. When HYRE is used as a universal battery, the amount of battery is reduced, thus weight, cost and environmental impact are reduced. The battery can be wirelessly recharged from portable renewable energy sources with solar panels, turbines, thermoelectric or etc. The battery can also be charged on a standard QI charger.

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